Do you want a daily full-body workout at home that will challenge the body and burn fat effortlessly? Ok, forget it easily. But it’s simple, adaptable to every level, you can do it anywhere and you can’t call it boring at all. But what is the EMOM we mentioned in the title? Read below…

What is EMOM?

EMOM stands for Every Minute, One minute. This term comes from the philosophy of Crossfit training protocols and what it means is that a set is performed over the minute, regardless of repetitions. It sounds easy, but there’s a catch here: Rest time is included in that minute.

And here is the beauty of EMOM. That the intensity of each exercise in each set can be adjusted by increasing and decreasing the rest time within the minute. More project time equals less rest time. Accordingly, less project time equals more rest time.

We hope that we have described it well and that you are already beginning to understand what awaits you. Of course, woe betides us if we left an EMOM to a single time pattern. Especially when dealing with fat-burning exercise at home, where obviously equipment is limited.

So for this program, we have chosen 4 very effective exercises to keep a good balance between complexity and performance without leaving any muscle group complaining. Two functional strength exercises, 1 dynamic aerobic, 1 plyometric, and 1 isometric are the exercises you will do back-to-back and we explain them in more detail below.

The exercises

  • Weighted Swings: Ideally, this exercise is performed with a kettlebell, but any dumbbell will do, even a 2-liter water can. It’s an exercise that works shoulders, arms, legs, and abs (almost everything) and with the right weight is capable of being considered a full-body workout on its own.
  • Goblet squat: Again, ideally it would be with the use of a kettlebell at a weight that you could bring to chest height. But, also here, a dumbbell is enough, or any heavy object you have at home. If you can’t hold the weight close to your chest, you can simply hang it between your legs.
  • Rope: This one needs no explanation. You don’t need to have developed any incredible rope technique, as it only takes a few seconds as you will see below. Alternatively, if you don’t have a rope or if you’re afraid of breaking the lights at home, you can do jumping jacks.
  • 8 counts: An exercise that comes from Crossfit as a “warm-up” only we will use it as a total core training*. It is classified as plyometric (although it does not have a bounce) because it combines strength and explosiveness and does not leave a single muscle group alone.
  • Board: No special recommendation is needed. Perhaps the best isometric exercise for abs (but also for glutes and shoulders) in this program will act as a “de-loading” and concentration exercise for the transition to the next phase.

Let’s see the program:

DAY 1  
Weighted swings2040 sec.
Goblet squats2040 sec.
Jump rope (or jumping jacks)2040 sec.
8 counts2040 sec.
Plank2040 sec.
DAY 2  
Weighted swings3030 sec.
Goblet squats3030 sec.
Jump rope (or jumping jacks)3030 sec.
8 counts3030 sec.
Plank3030 sec.
DAY 3  
Weighted swings4020 sec.
Goblet squats4020 sec.
Jump rope (or jumping jacks)4020 sec.
8 counts4020 sec.
Plank4020 sec.
DAY 4  
Weighted swings4515 sec.
Goblet squats4515 sec.
Jump rope (or jumping jacks)4515 sec.
8 counts4515 sec.
Plank4515 sec.

*Prepare the 8 counts a bit before starting the program with the help of the video we provided (a bit old, but it’s the only one on youtube that explains it so well).

All exercises and phases are back-to-back. There is no extra break between them that is not mentioned. As we said in the title, this fat-burning workout at home shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes. Happy burning!


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