You might be wondering, why we need oxygen water therapy if our bodies already exist in an oxygen environment. Well, oxygen molecules are made up of microbubbles. As we know oxygen contains a huge amount of microbubbles that are way smaller than air bubbles. The mantra behind the oxygen bath is reducing the size and releasing billions of nanobubbles. As a result, water becomes highly saturated with 50% – 70%  more dissolved oxygen than regular water. Now, microbubbles in oxygen infused water are ready to penetrate into skin pores on a deeper level. Furthermore, the process slows the bubbles’ rise to the water’s surface which creates a cloud of bubbles. The MicroBubble therapy raises the temperature of the water by about 1° F per hour, as compared to the regular bath that cools down. This is because there are countless exothermic reactions produced as the microbubbles implode.

As we are aware that elements of H2O make up water molecules. And the easiest way to understand, an oxygen bath allows the bubbles to penetrate the skin’s pores and, clean them out using the “O” element of the H2O. According to IJCS (International Journal of Cosmetic Science), water can be utilized to enhance skin health and function. Water is an efficient carrier for moving dissolved oxygen across the skin’s surface.

“Water is an effective vehicle for transporting dissolved O2 across the skin surface,”

International Journal of Cosmetic Science

There are many potential benefits of oxygen therapy, including improved breathing, increased energy levels, and reduced inflammation. Oxygen water therapy can also help to speed up the healing process and reduce stress levels.

Benefits of oxygen bath therapy

The purpose of oxygen hydrotherapy is to hydrate, detoxify, and circulate blood while oxygenating the skin. This can be done by soaking in oxygen infused water. There are many potential benefits of oxygen therapy, including:

  • Skin moisturizing
  • Relief from chronic illness
  • Skin softness
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Body relaxation
  • Boost energy
  • Improves Immune system
  • Eliminate the Legionella and Aeruginosa bacteria


In comparison to regular bathing, microbubble therapy has been proven to make people feel warmer for longer afterward and more relaxed. Since no chemicals are used during the therapy procedure, oxygen hydrotherapy is safe. But still, it’s better to consult with your physician or dermatologist if you have any skin-related issues. 


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